Purchase Policy


All Clauses below are subject to our Terms of Service Policy


    We aim to keep our Products as affordable as possible and often distribute store credits or coupon codes (collectively, “Coupons”) through various channels as part of a special offer, promotion, or as part of a refund or other payment from us. Unless otherwise noted, you may only receive one Coupon per special offer or promotion, and you are not permitted to combine Coupons nor add them retroactively to your order. Coupons are not redeemable for cash. Coupons may only be used once for up to the maximum discount amount specified.

    Coupons may be subject to additional offer or promotion-specific terms and conditions, such as tagging and posting photos or videos with your painting on social networks. We reserve the right to determine in our sole discretion whether you are eligible to receive certain Coupons.

    You may be required to redeem Coupons by a certain date depending on the specific terms and conditions of the relevant special offer or promotion. Unless otherwise specified, a Coupon is valid for up to 180 days from the date granted. If you do not redeem your Coupon prior to the specified date, it may expire.

    Any contests, sweepstakes or other promotions (collectively, “Promotions”) made available through the Site may be governed by rules that are separate from these Clauses or other terms defined in our Terms of Service Policy.

    Unless otherwise stated in such Promotions’ rules, we reserve the right to terminate and make changes to the terms of any such Promotions at any given time without prior written notice. If you participate in any Promotions, please review the applicable rules as well as our [Privacy Policy]. If the rules for a Promotion conflict with these Clauses or other terms defined in our Terms Service Policy, the Promotion rules will apply.

    Any abusive use of Coupons or violation of additional offer or promotion-specific terms and conditions, as determined by us in our sole discretion, may result in the rescission of the Coupons as well as your inability to participate in future promotions or use the Site.


      By purchasing, redeeming or accepting a EpicPaint Gift Card (“Gift Card”) you’re agreeing to this Purchase Policy and our Terms of Service.

      Gift Cards are available for purchase only in eligible countries and may only be used to purchase Products and other services at www.epicpaint.com. Gift Cards can be redeemed only once, and any gift card balance left over will be cancelled and not remain available for future use. If a purchase exceeds your Gift Card balance, the remaining amount must be paid with another payment method available at our Site.

      Gift Cards issued in United States Dollars (USD) must be purchased using a credit or debit card with a valid US billing address. Gift Cards issued in Canadian Dollars (CAD) must be purchased using a credit or debit card with a valid Canadian billing address. Gift Cards issued in USD or CAD do not have an expiration date and may be applied despite any stated expiration date.

      Gift Cards issued in Australian Dollars (AUD), British Pounds (GBP) or Euros (EUR) may be purchased using a credit or debit card with a valid billing address in the respective eligible country. Gift Cards issued in GBP, AUD, and EUR expire 36 months from the date the Gift Card is purchased. The expiration date for each Gift Card is included in the email sent to the recipient. After the expiration date, the recipient will no longer be able to redeem the Gift Card.

      Gift Cards cannot be resold, used for payment outside of www.epicpaint.com; used for unauthorized advertising, marketing, promotional or commercial purposes, redeemed for more than face value; transferred for value, or redeemed for cash or returned for a cash refund (except to the extent required by law). Gift Cards cannot be used in conjunction with Coupons or any other discount codes.

      The risk of loss and title for Gift Cards pass to the purchaser upon our electronic transmission of the Gift Card to the purchaser or designated recipient. We are not responsible if any Gift Card is lost, stolen or used without your permission.


        We currently do not offer Store Credit


          Lack of information in orders may lead to delays in processing such orders. There may be cases in which we will be required to contact you to obtain your confirmation, including approval of relevant painting, or additional information, and such inquiries may also delay the processing of the order. In any event, we shall make reasonable efforts to notify you for any delays.


            Orders will be delivered to the address that appears on your order within a reasonable time from the completion of the production and the quality checks.

            Orders are usually shipped within 7 Business Days from the date of confirmation of full payment; however, there may be delays due to external factors. The time of delivery can vary depending on the destination. Please note that additional local taxes may be applied to shipments to locations outside of the United States.

            We shall not be liable for delays in shipment due to faults of the carrier, and therefore these delays will not result in a refund of shipment cost, however, we will make reasonable efforts to assist you with such delays in a timely manner.

            Please be advised: all international shipments may be subject to customs regulation. Any related charges will be your responsibility. We can’t be held liable for incurred charges.

            When you place your order or approve the online proofing of your painting, you will be prompted to choose service as well as shipping and delivery options. Standard service with standard shipping can take up to approximately 7 Business Days from the date of the shipment. If you need your Product faster, for additional charge you can upgrade to the express service, express shipping, or both. Upgrading your shipment does not infer overnight delivery.

            We will provide you with the estimated time of delivery when you place an order and may further adjust it after you approve the online proofing of your painting. Delivery times are based on estimation only and exclude the production and verification stages.

            It is important that you enter your address correctly. If the shipment is addressed to a commercial entity (e.g., an office or a hotel), please make sure to indicate that your order is to be delivered to the commercial entity that is located at such address. Failure to input any part of your address will cause delays in shipments and increase the costs of the purchased Products. We will not refund or exchange products that were shipped to an inaccurate address as a result of missing or wrong details.

            It is also your responsibility to make arrangements (such as notifying a neighbour) to accept delivery on or a reasonable period after the estimated delivery time and the Products will be your responsibility from the time of delivery (or tendered delivery). We will not be responsible for any delays caused by customs clearance nor for any duties charges or fees payable on the export or import of any Products, which will be your responsibility.

            Shipping claims should be raised within 30 days from the date of the shipping.


              We do our best to make exchanges as simple as possible.

              We're confident you'll love our products. However, if you're not entirely satisfied within the first 30 days after delivery, we offer a one-time exchange or redo of your product. No refunds are provided. If you have placed an order recently and have changed your mind, you can cancel or change your order within 3 hours. If 3 hours have passed, the cancellation & change request will be granted at our discretion. The reason for this is that our artists often begin work as soon as you have placed your order.

              Please note that due to the customized nature of these products that we produce at EpicPaint, we cannot offer returns. Your custom artwork is designed with care and is entirely personal to you and your loved ones.

              If your painting arrives damaged, please reach out to us by filling this Contact Form. We will either repair the damage or, if the damage cannot be fixed, we will make a new artwork for you free of charge.

              If the frame you ordered with your artwork arrives damaged, we will promptly reimburse the frame price or replace it with a new one.

              If a painting is lost during shipping, we'll send you a new one at no extra cost.

              We offer unlimited revisions and corrections. One-time reship is included.